Anasazi Metates
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Corn was the Anasazi's most important food source. They developed elaborate irrigation systems so that they could raise two crops a year. As farming techniques developed men and women took on specific roles. Men worked in the fields clearing weeds, planting, and irrigating. After the corn crop was harvested, the women took over. The corn was prepared in a variety of manners. It was eaten raw, boiled, as well as roasted over an open flame. We also know that they mixed it with water and drank it. In addition, much has been written about their delicious corn cakes. The Anasazi women used a metate to make the flour for these delicious cakes. This was done by moving an elongated “mano” over the stationary metate using two hands. After several passes the hardened corn kernels were pulverized leaving a fine powder. The flour had to be eaten withing a few days or it would spoil. What the Anasazi didn't eat they stored in a dark secure place for consumption at a later date.