Ancient Incan Art Gallery by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala

Over 400 years ago Poma de Ayala spent much of his life writing an enormous manuscript detailing Spanish abuse of native Peruvians. It was his hope that the Spanish king would one day read the manuscript and rectify the problem. Poma was probably born sometime around 1550, so he himself did not witness the Spanish Conquest. So in order to make sure that what he wrote was accurate, he interviewed one eye-witness after another. Meticulously, he recorded the details as he wandered through the wreckage of what had been the great Inca Empire. Then, at the age of eighty he completed the now 1,000 page manuscript. Accompanying manuscript were 400 richly detailed illustrations. Eventually, Poma de Ayala sent the one copy to the king of Spain by ship, but it never arrived. Instead, it was misplaced and never delivered. Then one day in 1908 a researcher discovered the manuscript in a library in Copenhagen. We hope that you enjoy the drawings as they are the best visual representation of the ancient Inca Empire in existence. We know that Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala would enjoy sharing them with you.