Balcony House
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Balcony House is one of the most exciting Anasazi cliff dwellings. The park service has done an amazing restoration job at this site. Balcony house sits under an overhang on the west wall of Soda Canyon. It can only be accessed by a series of ladders. Balcony House is just one of 12 sites that make up a small settlement that is scattered along the west cliffs of the canyon. The entire settlement contained over 80 rooms and 6 kivas. Archaeologists estimate that at its height over one hundred people lived here. Balcony House itself has 44 rooms and 2 kivas. It was extremely difficult to enter Balcony House and supplies probably had to be lowered to the occupants. The Anasazi sealed off a narrow passageway into to site with a stone masonry wall. This forced the entrants to crawl through a small tunnel if the wanted to enter. Water came from a spring in the back of the overhang. The Anasazi raised turkeys at the south end of the site.