Cliff Palace
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Mesa Verde National Park is located in Montezuma County, Colorado. You enter the park from U.S. 160, east of Cortez, Colorado. The park was established in 1906, and it is 84 square miles. It contains some of the best preserved Anasazi or Pueblan cliff dwellings in the world. Here we find over 600 cliff dwellings and over 3,900 archaeological sites. These amazing cliff dwellings were occupied by the Pueblan Anasazis for at least 700 years. Mesa Verde reached its population peak during what historians call the Pueblan III period (1100 to 1300AD). At this time as many as 30,000 people are believed to have lived in the villages and towns in the area northwest of Mesa Verde. An additional 3,000 lived in the 33 cliff dwellings and on the mesas of what we now call Mesa Verde National Park.