The Egg Stand

The Egg Stand
Item# m-16

Year Photographed: 1992

Origin: Guatemala

Native Language: Quiche, Mayan

This eggstand is setup on the shores of Lake Atitlan. The Mayan around the north and northeast sides of the lake are mostly Kaqchiquel, while those on the west, south and southeast are Tz'utujil.

Cacao beans were the most common from of currency used by the Ancient Mayans. The highest levels of Mayan and Aztec society enjoyed feasting with chocolate drinks. It was reported to be the favorite drink of Moctezuma. It's importance in Mesoamerica may help to explain why many Mayans are described as robust. The beans themselves had a limited shelf life, and the value increased the farther away from the source. The price in Tenochtitlan was reported to be twice as much as on the Gulf coast. Even the Spaniards used cacao as currency after they arrived in Guatemala.