Fajada Butte
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Fajada Butte is considered so sacred by the Navajo that visitors are not allowed. This is largely because the most famous of all Anasazi astronomical markers sits on top of it. Sun Dagger gets its name from the thin dagger of light that shines through three vertical slabs of sandstone. These three stones were engineered using precise geometry. Their unique positioning divided the Anasazi calender into four quarters. This sliver of light mysteriously shines on the cliff face of Fajado Butte everyday at noon.

The Chaco-Anasazi carved two spirals into the rock. They simply lined up the suns rays location on the spirals to determine the time of year. For example, at noon on summer solstice, the dagger lights the middle of the larger solstice. Sun Dagger helped the Anasazi determine when rains were emanate, or animals were migrating. It also told them when they should prepare the soil and plant, as well as the best time to harvest.