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All images are embedded with Digimarc digital watermarking. You may click on any image to view in a larger size.

Digimarc and the Digimarc logo are registered trademarks of Digimarc Corporation. The "Digimarc Digital Watermarking" Web Button is a trademark of Digimarc Corporation, used with permission.

Warren has placed images on this site for the viewing pleasure of the general public and as a resource for art buyers. Warren has worked tirelessly for many years to produce these images; they are his passion and livelihood. To protect these images and Warrens interest, we subscribe to Digimarc's digital watermarking service. You may click the Digimarc Logo above for further information on services rendered.

If you elect to use an image (mine, or anyone's) without obtaining proper permission, U.S. Copyright Laws allow a number of remedies available to the artist. These include:

Up to $150,000.00 in statutory damages per case of infringement. Payment of Artist's Legal fees. Percentage of Business Profits from date of use. Closure of offending web-site. (If used on the Internet)

This web site, the design, code, and all photos (except where specifically noted) are property of Warren Michael Stokes. Photographs may NOT be reproduced for any reason without written permission.


We vigorously protect our interests. In the event that an infringement is discovered you will be notified and invoiced. You may also be sued in civil court for damages. In cases of willful infringement, you may be prosecuted for Infringement in the U.S. Federal Court where you will be subject to a fine of US$150,000 statutory damages as well as court costs and attorneys' fees.

Use of images on personal sites requires permission in advance of use. Failure to obtain permission may result in the offending web site being removed from the internet per the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


This web site contains images that, while owned by M.I.A., may contain representations of material belonging to other third parties, including possible copyrights, trademark or service marks. M.I.A. reserves the right to refuse or restrict the sale of such images for commercial use or where any use may possibly conflict with the aforementioned copyright, trademarks, or service marks. In all cases, Warren Michael Stokes and M.I.A. claims no connection, association, arrangements, or agreements with the holders of such third party copyright, trademark, or service marks. Under no circumstances is the display of these images meant to cause any confusion as to the source or origin of such material, or to draw any direct or implied connection or association between Warren Michael Stokes/M.I.A and the owners of such marks or copyrighted material.