Juggling Gladiolas

Juggling Gladiolas
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When a young Mayan boy has made up his mind he likes a certain girl, the first thing he does is tell his parents. Next, the parents tell him about marriage and how it is a big commitment. Then, they go to the representative from their village. At four in the morning, when all is quiet, the representative goes to the girls house. Usually, the representative must return several times before the door is open.

If the parents accept a cigarette on the second visit, it is viewed as a sign of commitment and the parents begin discussions concerning the good and bad traits of each child. Afterwards, the boy is allowed to visit on Sundays. He must bring small gifts to the parents. The girl may back out at this point.

Next, a big fiesta is held. The young man's family brings seventy-five tamales and their biggest lamb will be butchered. After the marriage ceremony, the girl may not return home for 15 days. At this time, it is decided if the couple will have a hut of their own or live with the boy's parents.