Mummy Cave Ruin
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The cliff dwelling Mummy House is on the east wall of Canyon del Muerto approximately twelve miles from the Canyon de Chelly junction. The eastern end of Mummy House was first occupied 2,000 years ago during the era that we now call Basketmaker II. These first people built 10 houses, and several storage granaries here. Largely these were constructed by using sandstone, mud for cement, and an assortment of logs and branches. Tree dating tells us that most of the spectacular construction occurred around 1284. At this time, a three story tower was constructed on the south side along with an additional seven rooms. This construction occurred at a time when drought was forcing most of the Anasazi to abandon the Four Corners area. This site was evetually abandoned sometime after 1300. It is estimated that at its peak there were approximately 85 rooms here and at least three kivas.