Nahua Girl

Nahua Girl
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Nahua girls are taught to sew and embroider at an early age. All children are expected to go to school until the sixth grade. The first thing they must learn is Spanish. There are no Nahuatl speaking schools in Mexico. It is at school where they first learn about the outside world. Only recently have Nahua villages added things like electricity, paved roads, television, electric stoves, and refrigerators.

There are no rigid naming rules. Names of Nahua can change several times over a long period of time.

Life is lived outdoors. Most cooking and eating takes place inside the house. However, mostly the house is where they escape the bad weather.

Nahuas believe that disease-causing winds are associated with and attracted by the misbehavior of people. These infection spirits may be removed by a shaman. People share food and drink with the earth gods before eating or drinking themselves. Like the Incas, the Nahuas also believe in a system of recipricol giving and taking among eachother as well as with mother earth. Every attempt is made not to interupt universal harmony or disrupt the equilibrium of the spirit world.