Kupir Ayllu

Kupir Ayllu
Item# i-1

Year Photographed: 1993

Origin: Peru

Native Language: Quechua

Chinchero means town of rainbows. It lies 1,000 feet above the Urabamba Valley floor. It has beautiful views of the Vilcabamba mountains and the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Salkantay. Because of its beauty, Chinchero was a popular retreat for Inca royalty. In fact, it once served as the country estate of one of the last Incan emperors named Tupac Yupanqui. The adobe church in the center of the town was built sometime in the early 17th century on top of the ruins of an ancient Incan temple or palace.

In Chinchero and other nearby villages there are regular local open markets. At these markets, hats, cloths, leather goods, foods, and llama and alpaca wool are sold. Interested buyers barter over prices, either purchasing with currency or trading their own goods. These markets provide an opportunity for people to exchange goods and gossip.